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The Castle: it was built in the second half of the 9th century for the want of Cardinal Benedetto Caetani D’Anagni or of Saint Thomas of Aquino. During the Svevian domination it hosted several barons who were faithful to Manfred, who had crowned himself king of Sicily usurping the rightful king and own nephew Conradin of Swabia. It also was the home of Pope Boniface the 8th and in the 17th century the hiding place of bandit Domenico Colessi of Papone. Also king Charles of Bourbon spent time here with his wife. Not far away from the castle there is the famous Calena Spring, which was already renowned during Roman times for its waters.

Church of Santa Maria al Castello: the romanesque door and rose window and the gothic bell tower dominate the façade of this church. Inside the 13th century altar and the “Madonna of the Goldfinch” of the school of Giotto are noteworthy.

The Roman Villas: in the villages of San Rocco and Posto some digs took place in 1962-64, during which two roman villas came to light. The villa near San Rocco is a typical villa of the late republican period, inhabited from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD. The building, which consisted of a great number of rooms, was divided in a main house (pars urbana) and in a farm area (pars rustica): the water supply was granted by three large tanks.

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