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Tobacco has been grown for centuries throughout Europe and there are rural areas which could historically, culturally and socially develop thanks to this crop.

In fact, raw tobacco generates positive economic impacts not only, in a direct way, to farmers and to the first processing industry , but also in an indirect way , by supporting local operators and industries through the purchase of goods and services, often provided by local suppliers (e.g. seeds, tools , machinery, packaging, equipment and its maintenance, etc. ..), complementary to the agricultural and industrial processes, which are therefore.

The objective of the research project ” The socio-economic value of raw tobacco in the EU “,  committed by FETRATAB – European Federation of Tobacco Processors – and UNITAB – Union Internationale des planteurs de Tabac  – to the renowned and illustrious economic research institute of Nomisma,  is to investigate and quantify the value that raw tobacco exerts on the economic development of small urban settlements (rural municipalities , townships, municipalities), located in areas where there is a widespread presence of the crop.

Therefore, the aim is to  publish an overall assessment of the social and economic impacts that the cultivation and first processing can active and locally generate on a system, territorially circumscribed, such as a municipality.

The survey, carried out the  involved, in June 2013, the seven most important EU tobacco-producing countries: Bulgaria, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy , Poland and Spain (the project is on-going and will be extended to other countries / municipalities).

In detail, the municipalities involved in the study were 10 ( listed by country ) : Mineralni Bani , Bulgaria , Saint- Laurent-la -Vallée , France; Nyirtét , Hungary ; Arianna and Dion-Olympos , Greece; Città di Castello and Francolise , Italy ; Lukowa, Poland ; Navalmoral de la Mata and Talayuela, Spain .

The study, which will be published shortly, also includes a series of video interviews, available below, which collected from the real voices of Institutions’ representatives, farmers, first processors, local operators and, in general terms, of all the relevant stakeholders, the attestation of the irreplaceable economic and social value that tobacco cultivation brings to these territories.

Watch the video interviews of Nomisma


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