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The Italian Association “Res Tipica” was started in 2003 by the Italian Association of Municipalities and the Italian Association of Special Identity Towns to give birth to a project that promotes the local identities and that promotes and exports, both inside Italy and in the rest of the world, the wealth of traditions, landscapes and tastes of the Italian towns.

The project, which is mainly aiming at small and medium sized municipalities, wants to highlight the huge patrimony of local traditions, of environmental characteristics and of typical productions and both in Italy and outside the country. It also wants to transform this great cultural and social capital into quality of life for the residents and the tourists and into opportunities of social and economic development in the respect of local values and culture.

Res Tipica consists of 27 Associations of Identity, 40 Provinces, 51 mountain communities, 11 chambers of commerce, 3 municipality unions, 8 national parks, 8 wine roads for a total of 1968 local groups.

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