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The great expansion of tobacco in daily life has taken an interesting place in the culture, as it has been the subject of paintings, books, music, films, much more than other crops, and also being the reason for producing extremely refined objects such as pipes and snuffboxes which are now very sought after by collectors. Before meeting great success in Europe and from there spreading to the various colonies and places with which European countries traded, tobacco also found a place in artistic representations in the American continent. Later painters in the rest of the world represented tobacco and its uses for centuries, showing in their pictures how it was popular among the aristocracy and the lower classes.

Snuff became a fashion for refined gentlemen and this particular way of consumption is remembered by extremely beautiful snuffboxes on show in museums all over the world. The pipe, which now is less used in Europe, was the main tool for consumption during centuries and is represented in endless art masterpieces, and very beautiful specimens now  are collected in several specialized museums.

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