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The association Città del Tabacco was founded in 2008 in Città di Castello (Perugia – Umbria Region, Italy) with the aim to create a national network of the tobacco areas where its production was historically developed. Initially structured in three sections – North, Central and South – it will involve all local governments, organizations and public and private individuals who work in contact with tobacco. In Italy there are almost 500 municipalities where tobacco is grown, with an heritage that in some cases has nearly five hundred years.

The aim of the association is to raise awareness of the historical importance that tobacco played and plays for the social and economic development of these areas and use tobacco as a means of characterization.

It promotes knowledge, protection and enhancement of territories, natural resources, landscape, historical and artistic traditions, crafts and all economic activities linked to the production and processing of tobacco. Work for the detection of tourist routes and the creation of museums related to the tradition of tobacco cultivation.

The association participated to the International Congress on tobacco, which took place in February 2008 in Bovolone (Vr) and is present in October to “Agritab”, held every two years in Città di Castello.

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